how i won the nightly homework battle

I wanted to reblog this because the daughter featured in this post, just graduated college. She was on the Dean’s list. She made straight A’s. She has been accepted to University to get her Master’s degree. My other two make A’s & B’s…don’t helicopter your child, it weakens them. Make them strong because life is so f-ing hard.

making it up as i go

When my oldest daughter started bringing homework home (i think i twas the third grade) our school nights became a battleground. my daughter would bring out every arsenal within her power…and it was exhausting. i dreaded homework. my daughter didn’t understand homework was non-non-negationable.  she wanted me to do it. i didnt want to. she didn’t want to…i had to end it.

i had to tell her the truth…

i confessed to her that she works harder then grown ups do.

“I do?!” she said, absolutely shocked.

“Oh, yes, children work harder than most of their parents.” i said. she asked how. “grown ups have already gone through school & have learned what they loved to do the most. then they chose a job that allows them (hopefully) to do what they like. YOU, have to do things you do not like, or things that you are not good at…you…

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