The Gift

DSC_3989 copyDSC_4365DSC_4325DSC_4798

In a packed Sanctuary, Destin was bar mitzvahed. Destin blew us all away. Near the end of the service, he read his speech, that he had written by himself, to all of us. Personally, I had no idea that this 13 year old was so brilliant & so far more mature than any 13 year old I’d ever had the pleasure of knowing. (excluding my own of course…a bit biased) Destin had everyone smiling & laughing. I thought to myself, this teenager (barely a teenager, as his 13th birthday was the day before his bar mitzvah) is going to go far in this world. The love I witnessed between Destin & his mother was so pure & beautiful…as you can see for yourself in the first image above. I was so proud of Destin & so honored to have been hired to photograph his big day. Destin is a gift to all who know him.

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