single moms need selfies…

with their childrenIMG_2415 (1)IMG_2413 (1) Before the divorce, there was a spouse that could photograph the everyday things. Single moms need to take photos of themselves with their offspring. Selfies are such a kid/teenager thing…which is perfect! Grab a kid & ask them to take a photo with you. I promise you- you need these images, because life may feel like a never ending struggle, it does end. (BOOM!) And the end leaves a mom bewildered as to how it happened so fast. First they were mine, and now they are not.


images taken by Sophie on 1/2018

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  1. So true…time does go by so fast and the next thing you know…they are all grown up…take lots of selfies with your children…lots!!!

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    1. Hi Kirt…time goes by way too fast. Although i wish when my kids turned 14 it was so fast i didn’t notice the crazy in them 🙂 ~amy

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  2. loisajay says:

    And they don’t get how much we miss them!


    1. i think they start missing us when they have to buy their own food, pay rent & utilities. That is when they realized how easy they had it. ~amy

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      1. loisajay says:

        Ha! That is so very true!

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