dazzle me wee roses


I’ve never liked large vases, filled to overflowing, with flowers. Large bouquets can overwhelm a space, divide a table…and the flowers can drown out one another. I look for small vases, or shot glasses or even dollhouse sized vases (there is one 1″ vase holding one small rose on the second image)

I like smaller vases because i love to spread out one bouquet throughout the house.  A flower or two in a small vase can be stunning…there is less distraction from seeing the flower’s structure & its color. A small display of flowers can brighten even the gloomiest of days and change our moods for the better.


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  1. Linda Corliss says:

    For years I have collected tiny vases. Relate to your thoughts on small arrangements!


    1. Great minds!! Thank you! ~amy


  2. Soul Gifts says:

    I love roses! Masses of them or a single, doesn’t matter. They are all beautiful.


    1. I do too…although they don’t live long. That is the worst part about them. Mums last forever in a vase…i wish they’d mix up a mum & a rose so i could have the best of both worlds! ~amy

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      1. Soul Gifts says:

        Do you add sugar to the water? Just a half tsp. And make sure you cut the stem if it’s not freshly cut. They do last a bit longer that way,

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      2. Hi Soul Gifts, I’ve never heard to adding sugar before. I will look that up, thank you. I have a glass container in the fridge that has flower water ready to go, my flowers like the temp of the water. i cut my stems at an angle & refresh the water every other day. I also clean my vases with bleach, but not rinsing it completely-i’ve read that you can add bleach to the water. I can keep cut flowers up to two weeks or longer-except roses. Those never last long. I should share this info in a post!! Thank you for your comment & advice!! ~amy

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      3. Soul Gifts says:

        It’s what my mother always did. And she added a copper coin to carnations 🙂


      4. A copper coin! I’ve heard that years ago & i’ve forgotten! Thank you for the flower tips! ~amy

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