72 hours in Panama City


I went to Panama City Beach with my best friend the weekend before last. i took my camera with me. i even brought it into the beach house. but i didn’t use it, not once.

Some of these images were shot with either my iphone or my ipad. The shots of the crab were taken by a great guy, i met on the beach, named J.R.. J.R. was trying to catch the yellow crab to show some kids who were playing nearby. They loved it.

Oh, and a bug landed on my hat. a huge one. That being said, it was the best vacation i’ve had in a thousand years.


i also broke my “never take pictures from a moving car” rule. but really, how wild is this building?!



8 thoughts on “72 hours in Panama City

  1. Panam city? Wow! Went there for a week-end when I was in grad school…
    Centuries ago. Great crap pix. The sea looks just the same. 🙂
    (I thought I was the only one to have the no-photo-in-the-car rule?)
    But rules are meant to be bent once in a while, right?


    1. Ha! I love your (i hope) typo. Crap? 🙂 Yes, i do have that rule, yet i believe houses & buildings are not supposed to be upside down! I wish i’d had my camera on hand. i would have asked to park so i could get real shots. I love Panama City. Thank you. ~amy

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