Burntisland, Scotland

Boat at Portsoy harbour, MorayFindhorn Village shore, HighlandsFindochy Harbour, MorayA beach in MorayGardenstown, MorayThe shore at Portsoy, MorayCruvie, Moray from Gardenstown17th century harbour wall, Portsoy, MorayFindochy Harbour 2, MorayFindochy Harbour Wall, MorayGardenstown, Moray, seashore housesFindochy, MorayRAF Nimrod at former airbase, Kinloss Highlands,

These images were taken by a friend of mine who lives in Scotland. I saw Graeme’s images on facebook & then begged him to share. A wee bio of Graeme:

“My name is Graeme & I’m an amateur photographer living in the small seaside town of Burntisland, on Scotland’s east coast. My favourite subjects are seascapes and ancient buildings, something this part of Scotland is not short of. I switched from using a point & shoot camera to exclusively using my iphone when i realized that the iphone camera’s quality had surpassed that of my dedicated camera. I love the fact that i can have a complete photography studio, from shooting to editing & sharing, in my pocket.”

These images were all taken with his iphone 7+ and some of them were edited were edited in the Snapseed app.

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  1. keebslac1234 says:

    Thanks for posting Graeme Heddle’s photos. My camera phone is getting more use lately, as well. Aging eyes were glad to find DSLRs with automatic focus abilities. That was an amazing step. Now, algorithms have advanced that even further. There is plenty of room still for the photographer who loves film, loves the hands-on aspect of the older technology. But, the new tech is enabling people to dive into the process, too. The fact remains, that photography, at root, is painting with light.


    1. Boom. Yes, photography is painting with light. What a stunning observation. Graeme posted these on facebook & since i am in the process of unpacking…i needed something stunning on my homepage. Graeme is kind enough to let me post his art. Thank you for your comments & compliments. ~amy


  2. John says:

    Hi Amy, nice to see you here! Your friend takes fabulous photos!


    1. Hello John! Long time no see. I’ve not been inspired to blog, or photograph much lately. That will soon change. I’ve just moved into a fabulous townhouse. and i can feel my creative drive come back! About Graeme’s photographs. They are great. He is an amazing guy. a History buff. I just uploaded a post called Scotland & my history. Graeme has been telling me about the history of my family’s names.

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      1. John says:

        How interesting, enjoy that! Glad you’ve found the home you want, great news. I’m still in my little 750SF apartment. It’s been a year now since the divorce, life has been good!


      2. Oh, John, being single again is pretty great. but having dirt to garden in again is a life saver! As soon as everything is in its place, i shall start arting (its a word 🙂 ~amy

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      3. John says:

        You arting is always good Amy. Yeah, I’m overall much happier than when married. It was a toxic situation. Her and I still chat via text when needed as I have to pay two years of alimony. Sucks.


      4. Thanks, John!


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