Burntisland, Scotland

These images were taken by a friend of mine who lives in Scotland. I saw Graeme’s images on facebook & then begged him to share. A wee bio of Graeme: “My name is Graeme & I’m an amateur photographer living in the small seaside town of Burntisland, on Scotland’s east coast. My favourite subjects are…

the double rainbow that blew me away

An old friend of mine took these amazing images of a double rainbow. I asked him if i could share it. He took the photos with his LG G5. These images were photographed in Charlotte, Vermont.

the 11 year old photographer

Our cat, Ivy, was sitting under the dinning room table after having gotten a drink of water. Henry saw the water droplets hanging from the fur on her chin. She looks a bit evil. Perfect for a black cat on Halloween.

the pink house…

is such a happy place to see. Photographed in California by R. Labbe

a heart of stone…

this photograph was taken on the shores of Ireland by a wonderful friend of mine.

Vermont hike

This was taken by Kip during one of his many hikes through Vermont. He can go where i cannot, so as a gift to me, at least i consider it one, he sends me my favorite images so that i may post them here. ~amy

escape from Vermont winter to this bliss

The vacation most dream of brought to life by photographer Kingman Penniman Jr. ¬†His families’ spring break was spent at Sugar Beach, Jalousie Plantation, Soufriere, Saint Lucia. ¬†Anyone in need of color from the dullness of winter? Here you go.