even though chaos reigns…

12 thoughts on “even though chaos reigns…

  1. Good fortune to you Amy. Life will change as always. We do not really know where each step will take us. This turn your life may bring untold treasure. You will always have your good nature to help you along the way.


    1. Thank you, Gretchen. We are in our apartment…i’ve not lived in one such as this since i was 23 years old. but i love the idea that when something breaks, i don’t have to pay to fix it. I am having a garden on my patio, so i do have dirt & a lot of fun ideas. I brought Quicksilver with us. I went back to feed him, i called his name & he came running. his coat looked terrible & i took him with me and he slept in my bed curled around me like a hot water blanket. So, HAPPY ME! ~amy


      1. I had a tiny cat some twenty years ago…….maybe 5 pounds. She dropped in one day and stayed for 22 years. I lived around the corner from a neighborhood grocery store and when I went there she would follow and wait outside like a dog. A perfect cat. So I m very happy for you and quicksilver.❤️


      2. I have thought about you often Amy. This is a time of rebirth for you and I know you are choosing to rise from the ashes. A new life is taking shape and in spite of all the bumps in the road right now you will land on your feet……you, children and pets. Love g


      3. I believe that too. Once i am able to find space for the treasures i brought with me, i can become me again. the me i was, at least mentally, at 30. my bones will not heal, so i will forever be 85 years old there. Thank you so much for staying with me Gretchen…your howling Blue painting came with me. ~amy


      4. Downsizing is most difficult. What to keep? Difficult decisions. The older we get….the more reluctant the body to follow the mind. We do find our way over and over again. I say….just keep on going. Many blessings


      5. Hi Gretchen, It is so funny, when i was packing, i found so many things that i had to keep because they had great meaning to me. Then as i keep unpacking i realize so many things have lost their meaning & have become clutter (NOT your print though) My daughter is the same way, she threw away more things then i have. Most of my treasures are books. I really would like to keep some, but i don’t know how. rambling. ~amy


      6. I’m moving in less than two weeks and although I have really ‘pared down’ with all the moving that I have done…..there is always more to discard. I would imagine that your move has been immense. From experience I can say that the discards are usually not missed. Our ‘stuff’ is stuck like glue…..if we get rid of it we feel that we will be diminished. I find the discard to be freeing and expansive but the doing of it is hard for us.


      7. Very well said, Gretchen. Things i thought of value to me, soon turned into clutter & stress. When i started going through my old belongings in this new life, they lost so much value it was shocking! My bedroom is still packed with art supplies, which is very stressful, however i will be moving these boxes into my new art studio in the next few weeks. Thank you so much, Gretchen! ~ amy


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