plant cuttings can be an art form


this is a cool shot glass i found & bought all they had. I do love smaller vases for flowers. vases too big can be clutter & expensive to fill. i posted, a couple a weeks ago, this plant in a mason jar. the jar was filled with rocks. well, like my mother, i love rocks, glass & marbles. some i’ve found(two dark green/black rocks), on the ground at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. Vermont has some incredible rocks. Alabama? nope, they are blah. i thought how cool it WILL BE (when i move) to fill some of my shot glasses with a rocks, marbles & glass, in different color schemes, & add plants that LOVE to root quickly, like the one above it.

people thought my mother was a bit odd, or thought she had lost her marbles, for always having rocks in her pockets (in Vermont) who is laughing now?

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  1. oscarsallow says:

    Love the shot glass piece. It’s different, but a good different. Sometimes I think minimal pieces work the best


    1. thanks. I cannot wait to make more. I buy shot glasses for small bunches of flowers…so they can be placed anywhere. now i can do the same with cuttings & i have a place to display my collection of stone/glass/marbles. ~amy


  2. πŸ˜€ I actually find and keep one rock from each place I’ve lived. I apparently haven’t lived anywhere that has really neat rocks… If you get to an ocean look for sea glass. The purple passion cutting and its roots caught my attention. (even though it’s really not the main subject)


    1. Oh, but the purple passion & white roots are what made me pick green glass, rocks & the marble. photo was designed to grab anyones attention! πŸ™‚ the color wheel, 2ndary colors combined…it only takes one idea to make it your own! And that is really cool that you collect rocks. Alabama’s are boring, although sometimes i will find white ones. Thank you! ~amy

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  3. Linda says:

    I was sending a comment & it disappeared. Anyway like you, I’ve always loved tiny arrangements and have used many a shot glass. This picture is stunning!


    1. Hi Linda,
      it was really fun looking for green/yellow things to put the cuttings in. I cant wait to do more! After the move, of course. Love, amy


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