Zoe’s Forest Park

mannequins are way better than they are now.IMG_7206IMG_7228IMG_7215IMG_7220IMG_7216IMG_7227IMG_7211IMG_7207IMG_7230IMG_7214IMG_7210IMG_7223

if you love digging for treasures, this is the store to go.  It is a consignment shop, a Vintage store, they have some very different things & to discover things you have never seen before & love is the best feeling ever. this last photo is the sales woman behind the counter. she is trying Etsy & not behind the counter, but on the floor. #buylocal!

Zoe’s at Forest Park

3900 Clairmont Ave S . Birmingham, Alabama 35222

(205) 595-9049 Like them on facebook

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  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Love the mannequins, Amy.
    I was wondering why the young lady was on the floor?
    Trying to catch a better signal? Lol.


    1. She was so damn cute…she was taking pics of jewelry to put on her etsy shop. I thought it was awesome. And thanks! ~amy


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