iris, you’re beautiful


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  1. Audra says:

    Your photographs are lovely!
    Love your galleries!!


    1. WoW! Thank you so much for poking around! I’ve never gotten a comment on the galleries as a whole before. I assumed no one bothered to scroll down 🙂 A wonderful, awesome compliment, Audra! Cheers! ~amy

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      1. Audra says:

        🙂 Glad to have been led to poke around your space a little bit.. don’t even remember how it happened but remember admiring the beautiful iris’ first! … then, scrolled on down and all through 🙂 “Things I Saw” if the memory serves me correctly, was one of my favs. Thanks for sharing the beautiful things you see, Amy! It was a pleasure,.. i enjoyed perusing your eyes perspectives 🙂 Happy ‘shooting’ and a super great wonderful weekend to you! Cheers!! ~audra


      2. Audra, thank you so much for looking around. The compliment? I am so grateful & astounded by it. a treasure given & i thank you. ~amy


  2. these are stunning!


    1. Gail!!! I’ve not ‘seen’ you in…forever! Thank you! ~amy


  3. debiriley says:

    purple! Vibrant Violet must be in the air today! I LOVE it Amy ! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Deb!


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