double, double, toil & no trouble at all

Weather is something we all talk about. small talk? the mundane? i don’t think so. Winter is here, which means that the heat sucks the moisture out of my body, making me grow scales & when i look at my hands…they look like witches hands. Old & scaly. or a lizard’s tail.

but on my stove is the solution. My very own Witches brew. see, humidity in the air makes us feel warmer. i can make my home warmer without turning up the heat. first thing i do, is shut down rooms we don’t need to use (dinning room, guest room) by closing the vents & doors, thus forcing the heat to rooms we do use. Still, this heat turns me into a lizard. I put a BIG POT full of water, i add & cinnamon & cloves, bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium (low boil) and steam up my house. It is so much WARMER & it smells fantastic. AND one of the reasons we all get sick in the winter is because our nasal passages are so dry, so this helps keep the mucous working for us instead of against us. for the scales? i use Head & Shoulders (for itchy heads 🙂 as a body wash. I do know that hot water in the shower is very drying, so i boil myself to get hot, then i reduce the water to warm, then cold to shut everything down…this makes your DSC_0036FullSizeRender (2)hair shiny & locks in the head & shoulders so you don’t flake away. i also burn a few candles in the art studio to add a wee bit more warmth. ok. go get warm.

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  1. I’m boiling spice today….thanks for the tip.


    1. WOW. that is awesome, Gretchen. Thank you! ~amy

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    2. Thank you, Gretchen for reading & trying it. It really helps my witch hands 🙂 ~amy

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  2. Jane Lurie says:

    Nice post and I love your image of the steaming pot, Amy.


    1. Thank you, Jane! Stay warm. ~amy


    2. Thank you, Jane…it was taken with my iphone. it does a pretty good job, the detailed editing on it is awesome. ~amy


    1. Thank you, Maureen. I have to be creative in staying warm now that i’m a single mom. ~amy

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    2. Thank you, Maureen! ~amy

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