i want a black 2010 SAAB station wagon, with less then 60,000 miles on it. i’ve looked all over the USA & cannot find ONE.

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  1. I used to work for Saab in Australia. Great brand but not produced anymore ..


    1. i know they stopped making them. i do not like that cars have to change body styles every two years or sooner, so that everyone feels they need to keep up & buy a new car. SAABS will stand out as being passé, but never to me. I’ve had a love affair with SAAB’s since i was 8 years old. Wish me luck in finding one, Julie! ~amy

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      1. Best of luck Miss! I have a thing about them too! Especially the old 9-3 convertible


      2. i’ve loved SAABs since i was 8–so that would be 1978. But when the 1988 900 red coverable, with tan top, came out…its all i ever wanted.I still remember the very first time i saw one, i had such a crush. I owned a nice 1997, i think that was before America ruined them. He was black & i named him Jack. Thanks Julie for wishing me luck! ~amy

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    2. You worked for SAAB? sigh. I know its not produced anymore. But i am so tired of this, ‘must have NEW every time the style changes’ life. I want to own a classic & could careless if people think me poor for owning a car no longer made…Someday it will be more of a classic. ~amy


  2. We have one but it’s silver grey and in France! Know why you want one.


    1. Oh, LUCKY YOU! Wish me luck in finding my own! ~amy


      1. Oh, we do wish you well. They’re built to last!


      2. I have found one close to me, only 50,000 miles, 2011-which all SAAB owners know is brand new! I do hope life settles enough for the price to come down. Thanks, Annie! ~amy


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