there is no such thing as Domestic Violence.

i was asked to repost & add a website for abuse victims~amy

making it up as i go

Did the title get your attention? I hope so, i hope to most it felt like a punch to the gut to women & men who have been abused. The title is to catch attention of Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends…we all have women in our lives, but we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but maybe this might help someone else.

Almost all women who are in an abusive marriage have Stockholm Syndrome…DSC_0478

She said. “and i know what causes Fibromyalgia”

I just looked at her, trying to understand this…Non Sequitur. We had been talking about Hilary Clinton & women voting & she says, “There is NO such thing as Domestic Violence…”

She said, “I want you to try & remember the first scary movie you watched as a young teenager. My first was Jaws. I remember sitting in my theater chair, listen to the music escalating…you know…

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  1. And it’s not just ‘domestic violence’ – here in NZ a woman of 69 has been beaten to death in a daylight invasion of her own home while her children were out working. I am appalled at what is happening around the world…and often to women.


    1. Hello Maureen,
      Women have been the dog men have been allowed to kick for 2000 years. It was not Jesus’ teaching, because he respected women & women where part of the church…but then along came St. Paul who HATED women. really, ever since then life has stagnated. its only been about the (almost) last 100 years, in America, that woman were given a voice. We can thank WWII for putting women in the work place. We’ve made huge strides since then. But we have a long way to go before men will stop thinking physical strength is the reason they should rule…for God’s sake, all men have mothers, some have daughters, wives, sisters, cousins…do they protect them i wonder. Men need their edges softened & women need someone at their back to lean on-and when this magical couple works, it is amazing to see. ~amy

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    1. nice…pictures? Thank you so much. ~amy

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