making my OWN dreidels


my dreidel isn’t finished yet…i might share how i made it later. but the coolest part? the ‘stand’ is a Christmas ornament holder-the shape is how we illustrate spinning. the stand gives us (sort of) an illusion of movement. this isn’t intended to be played with, just for pretty.

you know…i had to send my camera away to be repaired & it is taking every once of effort NOT to buy a new iPhone, so i would have one camera that works. but the side effects of losing the camera is that i have time to paint for me(plus i’ve had to cancel two days of art classes because i’m sick–i don’t have sick pay:( . just forgive the lack of quality my images are right now. ~amy

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  1. Maverick ~ says:

    Beautiful and be well.


  2. Ooooh, that’s snappy.


  3. lovely post, but please explain what a dreidel is! Hope you feel better soon. Nursing a cold myself 😦


  4. I couldn’t see a lack of quality – these look intriguing. Get well soon Amy


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