make your own abstract

take photo of still water with fall foliage reflected in it…maybe not so still, a little wave would be good–throw a rock into it-if its too still. IMG_3005

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  1. Hi Amy in Bham!

    Thanks for the tips! One of my relatives does cinematography and was helping me with my Nikon on Thanksgiving. So I learned just a little bit more about the camera.

    We’re going to be in Bhm on Monday and are thinking about trying out Lucy’s Coffee & Tea or Milo’s Hamburgers.

    Thanks again for following my blog. I really would like to make some changes to it within the next year or so. I think I’d rather have a web site feel to it, so I probably will try to go with rather than com.

    Nice talking to you!


  2. Hi Amy, I’m just a jump and a hop from Bham: Huntsville, AL. Thanks so much for following my blog! I do love beautiful photography, your composition, to be specific. I really like that you focus in on detail and color.

    I am hoping to continue to improve the photography for my blog. I have a nice little Nikon D7000 that I bought from Adorama last spring. I had to put it aside while life got in the way, but I picked it up today. It’s so much easier for me to simply use my phone, rather than delve into the technicalities of using the nice camera. But I am determined to learn!

    Wishing you and your sweet family a very Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve got some Magic City relatives who will be joining us on Thursday.

    Keep up the great work!



    1. Amy Saab says:

      Hi Stephanie from Huntsville! I have a suggestion on your Nikon–put everything on automatic first, to get the feel of how it works. Take apart your images, once on your computer screen, look for parts of you images you like–and repeat them. There are two ways of learning–how to do things AND how NOT to do things. If you dislike what you’ve done, it is a lesson-not a reason to give up. Good shooting! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! ~amy in Bham.


  3. debiriley says:

    gorgeous colours, beautiful photo Amy 🙂


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