water bonds with itself

perfectly captured on my Hosta (well it was mine, but i’ve moved on, quite happily) me & water made the painting above

lit from within

i think these flowers appear to be lit from the inside, more than any other flower, is because they rest upon a body of water. which reflects sunlight. so they are, in fact, lit from underneath as well as above. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

make your own abstract

take photo of still water with fall foliage reflected in it…maybe not so still, a little wave would be good–throw a rock into it-if its too still.

make a Monet in one shot

sort of. i don’t have his gardens, but this is an abstract, created by shooting a creek’s reflection of the sky & trees above it.

my backyard

if this was in your backyard, would you want to move?!

what the duck?

are you doing in my picture? Burlington, Vermont. Mallards on Lake Champlain water @sunset

watching the sun dance

on the shore of Lake Champlain, Vermont. The light was interrupted only by the masts of the sailboats.