the blue cat


i added a lot of red/yellow to this image to bring Quicksilver back to his natural color. Perhaps, i should show you the before?

DSC_0123 2

Quicksilver is my feral cat. he befriended my other cat named Hobbes. I think Hobbes told Quicksilver that i was safe. every morning, i open my back door to take the dogs out & there sits Quicksilver…waiting for his breakfast.

he disappeared for three days. i thought he’d found a new place to reside. i missed him dreadfully. BUT he came back yesterday. he has a new mark (?) at the base of his whiskers. Quicksilver was so HAPPY TO SEE ME, which leads me to believe someone thought they could keep him & brought him inside…maybe kept him a few days. then realized this is a cat that lives outside.

when i move out of this house, i don’t know what i should do with Quicksilver. maybe i can ask the new owners to look after him. the other day i said the gardens are the only things i will miss when i leave this house. i was dead wrong. leaving Quicksilver will rip my heart in half.

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  1. cattan2011 says:

    He is gorgeous and I know the feeling when one of our cat died.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you! I love this cat. I love that he waits for his breakfast, that he lets me pet him. Sigh. i have two other cats, but neither one has stolen my heart like this one. ~amy


  2. He is such a lovely boy .. Can’t he go too?


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Hi Julie, I don’t know what the judge will say about this house. It will probably be sold. I can’t work, except for a few hours a day because of my broken pelvis & fibromyalgia. I live in a neighborhood i cannot afford, but for my kids sake i will try to stay in this section of Birmingham…i told them we will have to get an apartment. Maybe my daughter & i will share a bedroom. Looks pretty bad. But at least i will be safe! I don’t even know if all the pets can come, but i somehow doubt it. However, if i find a house for rent, then i will take Quicksilver with me. I’m just afraid he will try to get back home. He was born at the church next door & some of his family still lives there. ~amy

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      1. Amy I’m sorry to hear that you are unwell .. I had no idea. You have so much energy, enthusiasm and brightness. I hope you find that house Amy .. You deserve it! Hugs from me


      2. Amy Saab says:

        Oh, Julie–i’ve been unwell since a surgeon decided to fuse a crappy Sacroiliac joint on my left side & broke my pubic bone. i walked around with a broken pelvis, undiagnosed, forever. so being unwell is what i am as the sun falls. during the daylight hours i am so used to it & quite happy with my life as it is today I’ve decided not to use punctuation can you tell the divorce is the best. my son told his pediatrician that he is just glad its over. ~amy

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      3. Big hugs your way lovely .. I had a feeling that the divorce was good


      4. Amy Saab says:

        Hugs received & thank you for them. Yes, life is going to be very, very good. i am me again. ~amy

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