what happens to me & mine


every October. have you ever heard of PicMonkey? A program online that allows you to do almost anything you’d like ($5 a month). I offer my services on Facebook to friends & family…i get emailed images of themselves to do WHAT EVER I WANT. I am so very powerful!!!  I think i LOVE my blue hair.


this is one of my very best friends. this is the third year i’ve gotten her ready for Halloween. Her hair is red, usually. Anyway, tell PicMonkey 2me4art and/or Amy Begun Saab sent you! ~amy

12 thoughts on “what happens to me & mine

    1. Oh, Thank you so much, Claudia! If you use PicMonkey too, have you halloween-ed yourself yet?! I do it every year & use it as my Facebook profile picture. I offer doing anyone who asks. So far this year, i’ve only done four! I want to do more!!!~amy


    1. Thank you, Marje! I love October, for the weather, the foliage & making me a new profile photo for Facebook. Everyone i know, already know i’m a little crazy. But i tell myself that they are jealous! ~amy

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    1. Oh, me too! I made another one, but haven’t put it on the blog. I like it better. I have grey/silver hair & spiders coming out of my hair. That one came out even cooler then this one. Thank you for the compliment. I should buy a blue hair wig! ~amy

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