i’m a cheater…wanna know why?

DSC_0050 i found this insanely HUGE spiderweb, but in order for YOU to see it, i must make dew.

DSC_0052 2 no, i didn’t misspell that. i had to create a way for it to be seen. i used a spritzer bottle

DSC_0069 filled with water. shoot from one side & BAM, there it is. shoot with the sun, then you’ll shatter the dew drops into a rainbow.

19 thoughts on “i’m a cheater…wanna know why?

    1. Thanks. I’m sure the spider had dreams of draining me dry of blood, while i sprayed hers down. My son didn’t see it when he got home, i had left the spritzer out for that reason. “watch this!” he LOVED IT!! ~amy


    1. Hi GAIL!! i’ve missed YOU! I’ve not done much writing for comments–middle of divorce & having to do EVERYTHING. However, they are at school…so here i am! I hope you are doing well! ~amy

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    1. PTSD, i have that too. Hard thing to live with. Photography & art helps me b/c while doing either one, there is no room for thought. A beautiful thing, not to think. Thanks for the compliment! ~amy

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    1. Hi Gretchen! I left the spritzer outside. My son came outside & i pointed to the two trees & asked him if he sees it. “See what?” I started spritzing & he asked to finish spraying it. It was incredible. I’d never seen one so big & perfect. Thanks for commenting! ~amy

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