a ball of water


DSC_0088 2

amazing. the leave of a Nasturtums are amazing…this is not dew, i sprayed it with a spritzer. HOWEVER, i didn’t make the ball.

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  1. Karen B says:

    Hi Amy. These photos are stunning! I have noticed how water collects in little ball shaped droplets on these leaves. I call them Nasturtiums…but I like your ‘Nostrum’ ! Karen x


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Oh, geez, Karen! You’re right! I put in something like the correct spelling, then didn’t notice it changed it. I will fix it asap! I’ve missed seeing you. Still in the middle of my divorce so i seldom have time to write to my awesome comments. Thanks for helping me!

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      1. Karen B says:

        I feel for you Amy. It is horrid going through divorce. I have friends going through the same thing who seem to think that I had an advantage when going through it recently, simply because I am creative. I don’t really think I agree with them. I think being creative just means I can make up more things to worry about. I send a big smile and hug to you because you are amazing! x


      2. Amy Saab says:

        “I think being creative just means i can make up more things to worry about” Are you my twin, Karen? I was worrying all the time. Then i told myself that NOTHING was harder then the last 14 years of being married to such a cruel person. If i could endure that, i can handle anything. And you know what? it is working & for the first time in three years, i am painting again, it doesn’t hurt & i don’t have to worry about getting into trouble because i’m just “coloring” GO ME! Thank you so much, Karen. ~amy

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      3. Karen B says:

        How patronising of him! I do recognise the pattern though. In my business I dealt with all the finances, marketing, projections, marketing and managed the staff. And yet all my ex ever told people I did was the FLOWERS and the DECOR! It’s the same thing isn’t it as you being accused of just ‘coloring’. I paid quite a price for being good at my job, for it meant he had to get rid of me. But you have done such an important thing, you have got away from his cruelty and control. I thought about you today and the post you published about going to your dogs burial place. I hope his was kind that day, but I fear that he was not.
        So please to hear about your painting…go girl!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Hi thank you for blogging this on your incredible blog! ~amy


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