fishing without a pole

10 thoughts on “fishing without a pole

  1. Growing up in a very small town surrounded by woods and fields, once we collected enough discarded soda pop bottles to turn in for our lunch of an ice cream sandwich and orange Nehi, we usually headed for the “crick” to catch anything slow enough not to get away and muddy ourselves in the cool water. Then, of course, if someone had a ball with most of the cover still on it, we played two or three man a team baseball until supper. No electronics to distract us except a 12 inch black and white TV that had nothing but soap operas on until the evening news.


    1. Hi Mike,

      We share the same history of childhood. I feel so sorry for my children for not having this kind of adventurous childhood. When my kids were very young, i did my best to get them outside exploring as much as i could. Even though they were no iPads, iPhones…there was cartoon network that pulled them back inside. Thank you for your awesome comment! ~amy

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