why it is so important for children to catch frogs


Well, for one thing, time spent catching frogs, means less time on electronics.

A Frog Story

As he floated in the water, watching the fish swim through his eggslime, he couldn’t wait to become one. Or so he thought. Then the day he had been waiting for had finally come, he pushed though his much thinner eggslime & emerged as a small fish. He was surrounded by his gazillion brother’s & sisters. And life was good. One day, he felt something change in is fish body…and he somehow knew he was no fish. He grew arms & legs, his tail began to shrink. He felt like he wanted to leave the water, (because he was tired of watching the big bully fish eat his brothers & sisters…among other creatures) and breath the blue above the pond. One day, when his tail was just a nub, a big green creature appeared. She was beautiful! “Hello dears, I am your mother. In a few days, you will be able to leave the pond & live on it’s edge and eat wonderful, yummy flying bugs. The most important thing a frog mother passes on to her young is this lesson…one day, a human child will try to catch you. I know that you will be frightened, but be brave (you may accidentally poop in his/her hand & that is ok) & allow that child to catch you. This small human will want to hold you & look at you. Then that human will, one day, grow to be a big human who will respect frogs. Just by holding you for a minute,  it will bring that small human joy that will stay with him/her forever. And when he/she grows into a HUGE human, the minute spent with us, will become a lifetime of love for the world we both share.”

“But Beware the MEAN small Human, they will hurt you.” Said Mother Frog.

“how will we know the difference?” asked the wee froglet.

“A good small human will make a sound like bubbles, humans call it laughter. A bad small human will make a sound like the back molars of a fish eating his supper. If you don’t swim deep into the water, but allow them to catch you (which means you’re a little light on cerebral material) then poop in their hand, on purpose, a lot” She said.

the end.

tell your children to go catch some frogs, the world looks like poop. ~amy

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  1. Next time, I’d like to see that “Eeeeeeoooww” expression on the face of the person doing the catching of the frog. Great picture!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Really, you thought the frog unhappy? I thought he looked like he was thinking, “hurry up & study me, then let me go” And they did. Boys AND girls catch frogs, or at least they used to, just like leaf pile jumping, it is a requirement of childhood. I’m happy to say all my kiddo’s caught a frog or toad (AND let it go) at least once. My brothers & i used to put them in our plastic kiddie pool, we would build them castles with rooms & amazingly the frogs or toads, loved those rooms! ~amy


  2. jr cline says:

    Frogs are fun!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      They are fun. This one looks like he was happy to be held by the boys! ~amy

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      1. jr cline says:

        I thought he looked happy too. 🐸


      2. Amy Saab says:

        Oh, the frog was happy, jr cline! a long time ago, when he was a tadpole…his mother came back to the pond to find her hatched children swimming. Mother Frog told her tadpoles, one day, they wouldn’t be like fish anymore, they would have arms & legs like herself and like humans. She said, “One day, if you are lucky, a small human may try to catch you…i know that it will scare you at first & you will hop away…but the most determined human won’t give up. Once he or she has you in her hands, just be still, just for a minute, then you may squirm away. If you are lucky enough to be caught, then that small human will, one day grow to be big, like me. That big human will always have respect for us frogs. Just by holding on to you for a minute…that minute of joy they feel, will become a lifetime of a love for the world we share” ~amy

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      3. jr cline says:

        I like this story. Thank you.


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