St. Francis & the gargoyle


“forget the haters, somebody loves you.”

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  1. I read some where that some times we talk negative to ourselves. So I am trying to hold on to four words: “Kill it with Kindness” God will fight our battles for us too.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Ah…amazing. My Rabbi gave me a fantastic compliment via email. I wrote back, that i wish i could hold on tight to compliments, but they seem to float away, while negative things stick to me. He said, “It is human nature to do so”. Meaning if we all thought we were great, then our own pride would blind us to everything and everyone, leaving no room for personal growth…i created a painting to represent this thought, I will post it soon. ~amy


  2. that message up there was for me, “Forget the haters, somebody love you” thanks for sharing. I needed that, it has been a rough two weeks at work. Thank you so much


    1. Amy Saab says:

      WOW, thank you so much! It is so hard to forget the haters. They seem so much LOUDER than the people who love you. My Rabbi complimented me, brilliantly…i said, “I wish i could hold on tight to your compliment, but i always hear the bad stuff over & over…i suppose it makes me humble” He said, “it is human nature” I suppose the only people who think they are great, are sociopaths. That is a comfort in a way, right? I do hope when this note comes back to you, you are in a better place. ~amy


  3. I wanna see it the other way. From outside the window looking in.


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