time traveling photography

DSC_0027 a bit like Grace Kelly here…

give me a minute, hold on a second, i’m running out of time, this is taking hours, time flew by, i don’t have time, wait a sec, just a few more minutes, give me more time, i can’t find the time, time flies, where did the time go, hold on, time waits for no man, stopped time, the time flew by, hurry up, slow down, there is no time, i’ve got too much time on my hands, i can’t make the time..wait a second…did i forget any? oh, my favorite one, i have to make time. i am an artist after all. making is creating. I have found i can make time to lie in the grass, under a shady tree & let the world fall away just like a kid…i’m older now though, so i usually fall asleep. i know the laundry will wait, the dust, the mess, the glass…it will be cleaned & within minutes be dirty again, so why not go outside & let the time go by?

if i’ve missed an expression we use about time, please tell me!

is there anything we talk about more the time? i suppose perhaps the weather…although i don’t have time to talk about that. History repeats itself–wild timesDSC_0121-2 are followed by conservative times. DSC_0041DSC_0070The roaring twenties–DSC_0093(fashion on women was short skirts, less hat, more leg)…followed by the depression–DSC_0076DSC_0049(fashion was cover up, no leg, bigger hats. clothes, like people were buttoned up tight).DSC_0045 DSC_0061 DSC_0104the children of the depression emerged as a wild, somewhat narcissistic bunchDSC_0100  DSC_0112–(Fashion for the late 1960-early 70s was flowing, loose, more skin, shortest skirt in the history of man)…a bit like the roaring twenties. Were are we now? my 14 year old daughter wishes she was a teenager in the 1980sDSC_0107…(The fashion was big t-shirts, metallic colors, long BIG hair, heavy, colorful makeup) We’ve had the GREAT RECESSION…we are adults showing restraint againDSC_0027. who knows what my daughter’s adult years will be like…time repeats itself, can anyone guess? for her sake, i hope its thisDSC_0107

my daughter gave me 15 minutes of her time. in a mad rush to grab hats & jewelry, she waited impatiently. that was ok, i am used my daughter implying her time is limited. she is 14, after all & ‘achieving very little’ of her summer vacation sucks up all her time. i wanted to take a series of images i could edit–add color, take it away. i asked her to leave off her make up, i told her i’d add it digitally. i had gone through fashion photography of women throughout the 20th century. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Twiggy…i told my daughter that fashion & the photography that went with it can pinpoint a period of time in the last one hundred years. i left out 1900-1915 because its too hot in summer, to find & dress an already busy teenager. during the shoot, her songs were playing LOUDLY through the speakers. there were a few times she broke into song, those images are my favorite & the ones i’ll keep. Just to show her when time is no longer filled with summer vacations, that she did, in fact, have a great time–with her mother, no less!

i can’t check for errors now, i ran out of time! Doctor’s appointment! ~amy

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  1. Maverick ~ says:

    Looks like you both had a good time. 🙂


    1. Amy Saab says:

      We had a fantastic time. I love all the singing shots, perhaps i’ll share a few. Thank you, Maverick! ~amy


  2. Stunning, your daughter has amazingly beautiful eyes!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you so much! My daughter has a fantastic sense of humor, along with her beautiful eyes…so i am pleased to say she is beautiful on the inside as well. Happy me. ~amy

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