Quicksilver stops

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This is a fixed feral cat. My cat, Hobbes, has told him that i am safe. so Quicksilver has moved…out? He lives on my property & eats from a bowl i give him everyday. He has allowed me to rub, snuggle & kiss him. He has ear mites. My son & i had “Operation Quicksilver” i wrapped him in my shirt while we were snuggling & brought him & Hobbes (Hobbes calmed him down) into my bedroom. I put ear mite drops in his ears & Advantage on his neck & let him go. I thought it would take days for him to forgive, but he came to me that same night. True love.

17 thoughts on “Quicksilver stops

  1. Aww, there used to be a feral cat at my parent’s house that was adorable and loving like this. We turned a dog house into an insulated winter bed for her. I love taking care of the animals. 😀


    1. That is funny, because i was thinking i would buy a small dog house for him to live in when the weather turns on him. After the rain, i come outside with an extra shirt so i can dry him off. i love taking care of animals too. I have too many of them at the moment…Thank you, Tinny Time! ~amy

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    1. I think he is from the Shell gas station in the neighborhood. All of those cats had someone feeding them & if they were kittens when the woman started doing so, then i think that is why he lets me. Thank you, Gretchen. ~amy

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    1. This stray, feral cat stole my heart. He is so beautiful & he follow’s my other cat, Hobbes, lead. I think it was Hobbes who told him i was safe. Quicksilver will come to me, if i am still, but if i attempt to come to him–he runs away. He follows me around my gardens, quite annoyed that i found something else to take my attention from him. Thank you so much for the compliments! ~amy

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      1. Cats are very funny. I once read about a man that studied cats for 40 years…what he had to say, was ridicules. I’ve had cats for twenty, i havens studied them. I just know…cat think people belong to them & dogs think they belong to people. done. Right?! ~amy

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  2. Awesome. He’s so handsome! We’ve got several ferals, and only a couple will let us love on them. The babies will come up to the glass door to play with our insiders, but…sigh. Love them from afar, we shall.


    1. I have two cats, one that goes outside & one that never would. Hobbes is my cat that discovered Quicksilver & i think he helped the stray know that i am save. He is so Handsome!! Thank you! ~amy

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