how proud she would be…

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My grandmother had flowering African Violets in her kitchen windows. I loved them as a child. When i got my own apartment, i bought some for myself. The flowers faded & died. I kept trying & i kept killing them. I asked my Grandmother how did she get her African Violets to look so beautiful? And alive. With flowers. She said, “Oh, i just forget about them, then i remember to water them…”

i never gave up. i’ve killed hundreds. 25 years later…this one has flowers! I’ve had this African Violet for about two years & almost lost it, countless times. I saw the flowers today. My Grandmother would be so proud of my tenacity & luck. You know how i did it? I finally gave up & ignored it. Apparently they are quite shy.

13 thoughts on “how proud she would be…

    1. It has been that way for me, too. I’ve tried everywhere in this house. I finally had to bring in a glass shelf that i had on the deck, i put that shelf in front of the window & BAM! I have flowers! ~amy

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    1. i think it was a generation that fell in love with violets. all i’ve heard was that older people loved them. i’m going to start a new trend on an old love then, jr cline. I LOVE African Violets! ~amy

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    1. She is the one who i wanted to brag to first. So i did say it out loud, as though she were in the room with me, she still lives on in my heart, so why not talk to that? πŸ™‚ Thank you so much. ~amy

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