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All these origami boxes were made by Maggie Begun, my mother. Each box, in & of itself, is a treasure, BUT sometimes she puts things inside. Sometimes she makes Sculpey (polymer clay) buttons, she tumbles rocks, uses her own fused glass designs to decorate the top of each box. These boxes belong to me, lucky me.

My mother used to sell her boxes in The Birmingham Museum of Art & other locally owned businesses around Birmingham…but she has been so busy in her studio, she rarely leaves it to restock the stores that sell them. A bit like me then?

20 thoughts on “treasure box art

    1. You said it, Eva. She is a super star. I love my collection. I have bought a large wooden ‘canvas’ & i am using the back to make a shadow box (ha) to put her boxes into to display. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! ~amy

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      1. I do hope so, i cannot put glass over them & i don’t want to b/c i want to be able to open the boxes b/c some have surprises in them. I will photograph it when i get that done, see if you like it, Eva! Thank you! ~amy

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    1. Hi Reggie!!! Long time, no see! Although that may be my fault. I’ve little time to blog, i’ve got a HUGE commission & too many art children to teach. I am so happy to be so busy, but i miss blogging. I do hope when school is out, i can get back to blogging! My mother’s talent & continuing to wish to create has inspired me like no one else could have. She will find a medium she loves, take it as far as she can, then find another. She has stopped making boxes as much because she has moved onto fused glass. As of yet, i haven’t enough to photograph as a collection such as these boxes i’ve received over the years. lovely to ‘see’ you Reggie! ~amy

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    1. Thank you so much, Gretchen. My mother never stops making some form of art. These boxes inspired my son to learn origami. His work is amazing & treasured just as much as my moms. ~amy


    1. Hi Julie! She is so creative, she is my inspiration to continue to be open to any new form of art. When she tires of one type she moves onto another, she went from paper boxes to working with glass now. And Wow! I can’t to show off that collection! ~amy

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  1. These are treasures. All of them! Uniquely made with an eye for beauty, wisdom and whimsy. I would expect to see these in Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, or Stein Mart and would love to give these as gifts to the special people in my life.


    1. Thank you so much, Janjoy! These always sold out so quickly. My mother just needs to get me to drag her out of the studio & bring her & her boxes back into the Birmingham Museum of art!! ~amy

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    1. Thank you, Loisajay! I’m so glad you like them enough to leave a comment, my mother is extremely gifted. She works with rocks, paper & now glass. She never tires of finding something else to create. ~amy


  2. Dear Amy, these are all so beautiful, fascinated me. Your mother is great and also I can understand now, you are same with your mother 🙂 Thank you, Blessing and Happiness to you all, love, nia


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