treasure box art

All these origami boxes were made by Maggie Begun, my mother. Each box, in & of itself, is a treasure, BUT sometimes she puts things inside. Sometimes she makes Sculpey (polymer clay) buttons, she tumbles rocks, uses her own fused glass designs to decorate the top of each box. These boxes belong to me, lucky…

fused glass art with humor

the second piece is a chicken. It will look great when its put into a shadow box. I HOPE she gives it to ME for Mother’s Day. (HINT!!)

Fused glass & perfect light

These votive candle holders & flower vases were created by my amazing mother. She has an art studio, with a kiln, to create glass pieces to dazzle us all.

bragging rights & glass

these votive candle holders were created by my most amazing Mother. Her art goes by the name of MaBeArt…her name is Maggie & she blows me away with her artistic talent. Her choice of media is glass, stones, paper, ink, thread, jewelry, illustrations, graphic design & best brownies every created…

her work shines

My mom’s fused glass is put together as one piece. She displays her glass in most of the windows of her house.

DIY art for the garden

This art project is a very simple one, if you don’t mind stopping by a brook or stream in search of the perfect rock. Or a trip to the dollar store in search of marbles. This was put together by my mother & it sits, usually around her indoor house plants. A shock of blue,…

looking back

“looking back, my life seemed like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle” ~Jack Paar Photography by Maggie