Ivy all wrapped up

Unknown33 DSC_0026 DSC_0023 2

Ivy’s favorite thing to do is wrap herself up in my Siberian Huskies’ fur. I brush Nala & within seconds, Ivy appears & begins rolling in it.

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  1. Chess says:

    She is adorable 😄


  2. Oh my, love the first shot, that is out of this world! Ivy is ADORABLE and very comfortable in the puff!


  3. So then – do you have to brush Ivy??


  4. Ivy looks very pleased with herself 🙂


  5. HAHAHA, love your new wig Ivy


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Ha, never saw that. She loves to snuggle under blankets. It is so darn cute when we find her. ~amy


  6. sued51 says:

    That picture wrapped in the dog’s fur is priceless!


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