ice see you, my hot husky

yesterday i found that a child o’ mine left the freezer door open…God only knows how long. It was, however, long enough to turn the ice into a solid chunk. I dumped it on the brick pathway & a large piece landed in front of my husky. Nala doesn’t care for ice…normally. She was hot….

Ivy all wrapped up

Ivy’s favorite thing to do is wrap herself up in my Siberian Huskies’ fur. I brush Nala & within seconds, Ivy appears & begins rolling in it.

the cat joins the dogs

i believe they are thinking, “whatcha makin’?” These three belong to my twin brother. Lucky guy!

somebody’s watching you

i feel a bit lucky. Ivy @ her best. Only the coolest witches are lucky enough to love the blackest of cats…adopt one, if your brave enough.

black cat hides in plain sight

she can be seen very well in this image, but i didn’t know she was in my chair until i tried to sit down. This is Ivy.

the cat covered in husky fur

My cat, Ivy, loves when I brush Nala (my husky). Ivy rolls in the balls of fur that fly off the brush. Ivy ends up looking really silly. Although, here, she looks a bit offended to have been caught on the camera. iPhone picture