…i just wanted to share

42 thoughts on “…i just wanted to share

    1. I love that Moses b/c of the connection to Louis Rosenthal. That was my first human form i’d ever tried to paint. I wish i could own it…all i have is a copy. Thank you, Peggy! ~amy


    1. Ok…that is incredible, to be told that i inspired someone. I learned from the years of watching children get lost in what they were doing. I was always so afraid of starting something new, fear of failure. But…then i realized that even if the piece i started was turning out to be crap, that i would promise myself to find something about it that i liked & carried that information to the next attempt. We are our biggest critics. It is nice to shut that voice up. Cheers & thank you, thank you, thank you. ~amy

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      1. I meant that, by the time I had read your post, there were several others who had already congratulated you on your achievement. So … I was late in passing along my own congratulations. D


      1. Oh,Amy, you can be sure that this is what my heart really feels. I see in you a wonderful artist, a fighter woman with courage and bravery, and a lovely mother. Each one of those talents are for me magical
        -I love Art, the bravery and the family- so it’s not difficult for me to praise those gifts. All of them are rare, precious and difficult, so… congratulations again! πŸ˜€

        Have a nice and artistic day!
        Cheers, πŸ™‚


      2. Ok…Rafael, as i said, always the right thing. But, really, this comment & your praise is completely mind-blowing. I took a photo of your complement so that when i feel like a chicken, I can reread this for strength. Thank you very, very, very much. ~amy


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