hill of gold

8 thoughts on “hill of gold

    1. They did originate to Mesopotamia?! I knew of sheep in Vermont & thought it would be the perfect place to raise them. wooly in winter & shaved in summer. But here they were wooly, but a friend told me that the wool acts as an insulator to both heat & cold. Astonishing…Alabama is too damn hot for me & my husky. 🙂 ~amy

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      1. Yes, I could imagine Vermont being a good place to be a sheep – weatherwise 😉 Indeed that is true about wool – its hygroscopic properties allow it to match the temperature of the wearer.


      2. Oh, that makes sense. When i grow up, i want to move back to Vermont & raise sheep, the breed that has a black face/legs with that beautiful carmel colored wool. Does that sound like a dream life to you? I would love it. I wish, wish, wish that could come true. Maybe another life? Thank you for telling me how you knew so much, Peggie. ~amy

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