the incomplete butterfly

DSC_0004 2 DSC_0010 3 DSC_0012

one of the things i teach in my art classes for children is, “leave no white.” what struck me first about this butterfly was the absent part of his lower wing, then i noticed that if he were cut from paper, then the person that did the cutting, left the white on his wings. instead of cutting the curves of his wings, there was a short cut…cut, they just cut him as a straight line. his imperfections still brought me outside to capture him with photos.

6 thoughts on “the incomplete butterfly

  1. Even when imperfect you have to marvel at natures complexity of pattern.

    When I have seen this type of butterfly in the wild I never noticed about the white edges. My brain simply supplied a vision of scalloped edges! I will have to take closer notice the next time one comes to visit me. πŸ™‚


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