caught in her beautiful eyes

Someone is a very lucky puppy owner. She looks like a bowl of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, don’t you just want to eat her up?! St. Albans, Vermont

gold covered puppy

there is a reason it is called the golden hour…late afternoon sun turns the world to gold. This is Cole.

we got a puppy!!

Cole is hiding between my knees because Nala walked into the room. ┬áNala grrrrrrr-ed at him because he was chewing on her toes. He is learning. The injury to his ear was there when we got him, i think a sibling must have done it. He weighs 4.5lbs & is 2.5 months old. ┬áMy kids…

cows, chickens, dogs & a happy me

Pell city, Alabama. A day spent in the county, with temps in the mid 70s. a great time spent shaking off the regular of everyday.