Vermont through his eyes

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When i see Kip’s photography, i beg him to share it on my blog. See, he is where i wish i was. (I have been unable to return to Vermont due to multiple surgeries…but maybe this fall, I will get up there.)

Kip (Kingman) is an amazing photographer & he captures everything i love about Vermont.

Kip & i went to High School together & a large group of us used to hang out together, sometimes in Hubbard Park, at night, in the dark… his last photo in this series brings back some scary memories, of ghost stories & flashlights & the feeling of being watched…by something or someone…creepy.


15 thoughts on “Vermont through his eyes

  1. Fabulous photos. I hope you get to spend time with Kip on your return. Actually, I wish you could go back there for a time and perhaps spend time there on your own. Maybe something between you and Vermont needs time to be resolved.


    1. Thank you, Karen. I hope to visit Kip when I go. He can give me some pointers…his work is different then mine. Vermont calls to me, i’ve nothing to resolve, only time being on the Vermont earth that somehow belongs to me. It refuels me enough to sustain living on, still…foreign ground. ~amy


    1. Its easy to see why you miss Vermont and why you are drawn to Kip’s photos. They are stunning. I pray a speedy recovery so you can realize your heart’s longing to revisit Vermont.÷]


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