Vermont…i wish i was there

16 thoughts on “Vermont…i wish i was there

  1. What incredible photographs! Of course, it is really hard for me to see from these why Vermont is so special to you, because, obviously, it is not how the place LOOKS which makes it so important to you, but what it means to you in your heart.
    As an outsider and based on the few photos, Vermont seems to have maintained a simplicity which many cities have lost. It looks as though I can sense community and values- but I may just be projecting my ideas onto it.
    What is important is that it is HOME to you; a place you want to return to. And you can and WILL.


    1. Thank you Karen. It is a very unpopulated state, there are more people in Birmingham, Alabama then in the whole state of Vermont! When I saw his images, i could smell the sweet air. Breaks my heart. But my husband said that he would send me up there this fall & I can’t wait to go. The hardest thing about going, is that I have to come back!


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