Vermont through his eyes

I live in Alabama. Sunday afternoon, i spent working in my gardens–because it was 68 degrees. i had perennials peeking up through the dirt, and yet…i envied Kip’s thigh deep Vermont snow. I love Kip’s photography & he is generous enough to share them with me.

the beetle wearing a Bee Halloween costume

or at least that is what i wrote to Kip. Today, the color of my envy is not green, but yellow. Kip’s photography is astonishing. I am so grateful that he shares them with me. These were shot in Vermont.

Vermont hike

This was taken by Kip during one of his many hikes through Vermont. He can go where i cannot, so as a gift to me, at least i consider it one, he sends me my favorite images so that i may post them here. ~amy

Vermont…i wish i was there

The first image is the state capital in Montpelier, Vermont. (I click my heels…I want to go home, i want to go home. Damn, I’m still in Alabama.) These amazingly beautiful images were taken by Kip Penniman, the lucky guy who lives there.

Vermont through his eyes

When i see Kip’s photography, i beg him to share it on my blog. See, he is where i wish i was. (I have been unable to return to Vermont due to multiple surgeries…but maybe this fall, I will get up there.) Kip (Kingman) is an amazing photographer & he captures everything i love about…

escape from Vermont winter to this bliss

The vacation most dream of brought to life by photographer Kingman Penniman Jr. ¬†His families’ spring break was spent at Sugar Beach, Jalousie Plantation, Soufriere, Saint Lucia. ¬†Anyone in need of color from the dullness of winter? Here you go.