School of the ARTS @ Samford University


How lucky are the local Birmingham residents to have a place such as this.  The name has changed, it used to be, ‘Samford after Sundown’. They offer classes for everyone, art, cooking, photography, music and much more. They offer Art Summer Camp for kids, too!

For more information: & their telephone number is 205-726-2739. Their children’s camps range from art to music to theatre.

I am so excited to see their fall’s offerings in Adult classes. They offer one day a week for seven week classes. They offer workshops on Poetry, writing, understanding your camera, art classes, photography, watercolor, drawing, music…

I hope word gets out to those in Birmingham looking to become more creative in all aspects of the arts, I hope they seek out the School of the Arts/Samford University…I hope to see you there!

Oh, look, a cooking class! I know what classes my husband would like me to take.

Me? I think I’ll take a bit of everything.

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