her-on the dangerous water

8 thoughts on “her-on the dangerous water

    1. i can’t image anything other the the bubonic plague surviving in that water. There is a big RIVER less then a mile away, maybe the her-on (:)) ate there. 🙂 ~amy


      1. Yuck….. We have a couple of rivers (in canals) here in Cape Town, and despite the repeated efforts of people who are concerned about keeping these rivers clean so that the birds and fish and other life can return, the pollution that ends up in there is simply disgusting. The lack of respect shown by the people who live near the river, and the companies that pump their sewage and other effluent into the river, always astounds – and sickens – me. My heart aches for all the living beings who try to survive there in spite of the pollution.


      2. I am so sorry. a person says, “just one thing won’t matter.” Without knowing there are thousands thinking the same thing. Maybe if we took our stewardship off our communities seriously, then the small towns, villages, cities could make up for all the, “just one thing won’t matter” People who live near this pond & the park beside it, welcomed the birds, at first, but then a few became hundreds & the Alabama heat evaporates the body of water into half the size & what is left, is disgusting. But I am happy to say, it is the birds fault in this case. Or perhaps its the people who fed the birds…at first. ~amy


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