heartbreaking flowers


in milder climates, flowers are planted among the gravestones. in Alabama, this doesn’t work, the weather is far too hot & humid to grow anything without constant attention. a lot of graveyards in Alabama have fake flowers lovingly placed front of them.

i was walking a gravel path that was between a small graveyard & a small pond. finding the fake flowers on the dirt & gravel path broke my heart. i know the flowers had blown away from the graveyard to my left. i know that the person who was driving over the path, running over the flowers, pushing them into Alabama’s red dirt, saw them before he/she did so. my anger at this person’s indifference (or outright laziness) to flower’s intent disturbed me greatly, enough to bring tears to my eyes.

some may find fake flowers at the gravestones of small church yards tacky, but the flowers placed there, were put place with just as much thought & love as the real flowers people are able to plant in cool climates.


8 thoughts on “heartbreaking flowers

  1. Thank you for making me rethink my thoughts on fake flowers in graveyards. I was one of those snobs who looked down on those terribly fake replicas of what should be so beautiful. I’ll erase those negative thoughts and soften my heart towards them now…


  2. I feel your anger Amy, there should be no excuse for such heartless behavior, ignorance and disrespect in a place like a cemetery even if the thinking was “it’s just plastic”! Unfortunately in today’s world there are fewer and fewer people who are considerate, have commonsense and respect for anything or anybody surrounding them!


  3. Oh I agree with your sentiments, Amy. The loved ones we bury may be buried in a far-off place that we cannot visit nearly often enough; just because we plant plastic flowers on their graves does not mean that we love them any less.

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    1. Thankyou for agreeing with me, Reggie. That is what i was trying to say. The flowers almost made me cry right there, because i knew they were placed with love & crushed by callousness. I did walk throughout the graveyard fixing any flowers that had toppled over & said a blessing in my head for them. My daughter helped me. I felt better after that. We also clean up limbs & sticks that must have been knocked down by high winds…a kind act or a Mitzvah in Judaism. Thanks, Reggie. ~amy


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