Birmingham International Airport flowers via iPhone

I had to pick up my husband at the airport & was stunned by how beautiful their gardens where.  But in order to photograph them, I had to take my life…put husband’s car in danger. Our airport is under construction, so you can’t sit in your car for a minute & wait to pick up your person.  I made one go around, but noticed when I drove into the airport, at the start of the round part, that there was the best garden of all.  My husband wasn’t there yet, so I pulled off the road, got out with the only “camera” I had my iphone.  Some of the images were so bad, that I took artist license & played with them.  I wish you could see it in person, I’ve decided to share it with you anyway, hoping you can see what I missed by using my phone…  iphonepictures Wow 2by2 tulips threeinarow coolbeans greenegg peace&tulips cementwall tulipsblue

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