New quote at the bottom freaked me out a bit, because it was so close to my point.  Epictetus was a Greek sage & a Stoic philosopher.  He was born 55A.D.

& died 135A.D.

making it up as i go

Fear & Doubt monsters

Most of us carry around beasts. These are mine. Most of the time they are silent & I forget they are here, just waiting to be heard. Sometimes they are loud & they stand on their tip toes to shout in my ear. “You are worthless, you can’t dress, you look like a loser, no one likes you, no one loves you, you can’t paint, you can’t take a picture, etc” say Fear & Doubt

Other times they can be small enough to lounge on the outside edge of my ear & just whisper words. Words that hurt. “He didn’t mean that, he does think your fat.” Words that make me question everything i do. Words that cause self doubt in my ability to do anything at all. A wonderful woman I know said,”Oh, you can do anything, it’s just not fair.” She mumbled the last part. I wished she…

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