A History lesson in my gardens yesterday

 A History lesson in my gardens yesterday

In the middle ages, they would put hay & scented herbs on the floor as deodorizers, they called them ‘rushes’. I can’t imagine the smell of men then. Although, woman couldn’t have been too far behind. Last year, my full time working husband & his beloved uncle painted our house. Sadly, my traveling working husband has not found the time to put the screens back on the windows. It has been in the 70s for a few weeks & in the past I would open every window & let the fresh air clean out the old. Starting fresh for Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year. Fall has always been a time to begin again for me. And air out the damn house. Instead of open windows, I bring in the herbs i’ve grown from my gardens. Among the flowers, mostly mums, cosmos, black-eyed susans & bee filled hydrangea (the bush gave me two more blue blossoms this fall, I always think of them as a good bye & a gift) Among my flowers I stuck in Rosemary, Mint, Lavender & a little thyme. No fresh air, but fresh flowers & herbs do help.

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  1. Your blog pictures are loading extraordinarily slowly and I know the problem.

    The picture here is 5,546,428 KB, or 5.5 MB. That’s is huge! What you are doing is spending a lot of time uploading that huge picture, and then, since the maximum size in your blog is 780 pixels wide, you are forcing WordPress to redraw that huge picture down to 780 pixels each time someone visits. And since it takes so long to do that, you’re probably missing out on some readers, LIKEs, and comments. You’re also using up your WordPress storage space unnecessarily.

    The thing to do is to resize your picture to 780 pixels wide before you upload it to WordPress. When I did that with your picture here, it’s a mere 178 KB. That will allow you to upload it instantly and for WordPress to display it instantly. And yet the resolution of the picture on screen will be exactly the same.

    Try it. I believe you’ll be mucho happy!


  2. You got quite the green thumb! Those flowers from your garden are gorgeous! 🙂


    1. 2me4art says:

      What a compliment coming from someone who’s blog’s name is funflowerfacts! I’m going to follow you!. I am very lucky with my flowers because my husband will build me a bed where ever I’ve ask him to. And I live in Alabama where its 80 degrees, still.


      1. Thanks for the follow! You are one lucky lady, having a husband that will do anything for you! 😉


      2. 2me4art says:

        Maybe that was giving him too much credit. It is a give & take relationship. I take advantage of his great love for being outside more then any other place, to request beds. I’ve asked for a 2nd veggie bed for two years now & that hasn’t happened. But he did put new tile in my art studio & kitchen instead!


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