iPhone in my back pocket

i have a broken pelvis…it healed cockeyed, so like a car with a broken axil, i have no straight lines any where. i cannot carry a bag, it hurts. point? i have one- i bought a man’s wallet phone case for my iPhone. & put in my back pocket of my jeans (no back pocket,…

make art while rooting

a house plant. i love this. i do have a rock collection & i have mason jars…i love this idea.

Quicksilver caught

with iphone. i zoomed in pretty tight to get his eye. he was being a pain in the butt b/c i wanted to take photos, of the dew on everything, that morning…the peach tree had to be continuously rubbed against, thus preventing clear shots. roses had to be smelled…blueberry bushes had to be rubbed against….

how i found you…stunning

the first images are the orchids they way i found them. then i started to play. can you blame me? i didn’t think so. sigh. i love this last one, with the disco light painting my walls with polkadots. ~amy

she likes taking photos!!!!

And she is good at it. My daughter told me she was going to take Photography in high school!! The, “i don’t like anything mom does” attitude is OVER. sigh. And she can SEE. She took these last weekend & for the first time ever, used her own photography as her screen saver on her…

the cat with thumbs

the last picture? look at his face, i grossed him out…he is thinking, “eeeewwww”

making my OWN dreidels

my dreidel isn’t finished yet…i might share how i made it later. but the coolest part? the ‘stand’ is a Christmas ornament holder-the shape is how we illustrate spinning. the stand gives us (sort of) an illusion of movement. this isn’t intended to be played with, just for pretty. you know…i had to send my…

take a hike…craft

a fantastic art project for summer vacation hikers. Step 1. find a thick, tall & somewhat dry stick. find some really cool leaves, (fresh, like pick them off a branch). remove some of the bark (on the stick you find) with a knife. apply masking tape, to make strips, in whatever pattern you’d like. i…