turn Christmas decorations into Hanukkah ones…here is how.

i found the bear for Christmas, he was holding a stocking. i found the bunny for easter, he was holding a carrot (i know that a carrot isn’t religious). to make any holiday your own, just find a way to change things you see & love. Even if they are for a holiday you don’t…

looking for your dog

Your dog in concrete, may be found at Myer’s Plants & Pottery. They had about 15 different breeds. I looked for Husky or my mutt…i photographed him because he would be a mix of my two dogs together. if you found your dog, it would be highly trainable to “Stay” and hold the door open…

my two favorite photos were taken with my phone

my dog, Blue…thought he was a person. when i belted him in my *SAAB station wagon, he thought, “finally, she gets me” i was blessed with Blue for almost 10 years. he followed me from room to room. he was my shadow. my son called Blue, “my brother” because they were born a month apart….

dirty dog

i have no idea how she did this, but it is adorable!

who wants to brush the dog?

Poor Nala has been neglected. My whole family & me…got the stomach bug. I gotta say, when i finally recovered, i felt like Dr. Frankenstein, with a twist, “I’m Alive, i’m alive, i’m alive” off to brush the dog.

Operation Quicksilver

Quicksilver is our feral cat. His ear has been clipped by a vet after being fixed. Someone, AMAZING, found a cat colony & took them all to be fixed, then returned them to their original home. Which is the Shell gas station down the street. Quicksilver left the Shell station & met Hobbes, our cat….