when my daughter left the nest…

IMG_1143IMG_1152 IMG_1151

…i made sure she landed into her own. her college, in Mobile, Alabama, had dorm room walls, built with cement block. i suppose, to prevent the building from being ripped apart by a hurricane. they tend to grow in the Gulf of Mexico. she is somewhat safe from the violent elements that plague the region.

however, her room resembled a jail cell…the kind i’d only seen in movies. to soften the cement, i bought a beautiful SHOWER CURTAIN to cover the wall beside her bed…you see, shower curtains have become quite stunning, art in & of themselves. I hung the shower curtain by tucking the top into the ceiling tiles (yes, gag, like an office building). my daughter chose the drape, just one, to tuck her head behind, for privacy in a very public place.

i searched high & low for ideas on pinterest…decorating dorm rooms. i though my daughter & i did a fantastic job & she was quite happy to be rid of me when we finished moving her in.

AND that is the greatest compliment a mother can get, to see her daughter in a hurry to begin her new life. it means i have given her wings. & her own nest in which to land.

with instructions to call me. because, i’ve already flown my parents nest & remembered the joy of it. i have never had a daughter to leave me before…being left is far more difficult then leaving, is it not?

(first image is the BEFORE)

14 thoughts on “when my daughter left the nest…

  1. Yes, definitely easier to leave than be left. I wait all day for a phone call like it’s the biggest thing on my agenda. Occasionally, late at night, when I am sleepy eyed, he calls like it is the last thing on his. So glad he is doing well, but sure do miss him.


    1. Oh, Julie. I’m so sorry. I am lucky b/c i have two more at home aged 11 & 13 so it didn’t hurt so much. Maybe you could text him, just to say hello & love you. Maybe that type of communication will help to lessen the need to communicate with him? I wish you strength. ~amy

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    1. Roots & wings, i’ve been told is what is required for parents. The compliment to me is that she wanted me to go. If its getting close to send one off, i would highly recommend looking at dorm room ideas on Pinterest! Thank you. ~amy


    1. I cried only in my goodbye…but she was, “aww, mom don’t cry” & thinking (will you please just go!) that thought dried up my tears a bit. I also have two more kids at home, which made it easier. I think when my youngest goes, I will need to be tranquilized! 🙂 Thank you, Nora! ~amy

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  2. Really neat idea! Oh, yes it’s much harder being left. Even though we hope for it, and wish them a better life than we had it still felt like my guts were being ripped out when I my son pushed us out of his dorm room to start his new life.

    There is a bright side I found. I wasn’t overly worried, or as anxious as I was while he was living at home. I think because I couldn’t see what he was doing my brain didn’t let me worry or imagine the worst. What a blessing that was! Hugsxx


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