she doesn’t know how beautiful she is

which is why she feels limited at 25, usually the speed of youth flies by. Oy, that was a bit hard to come up with. Myer’s Plants & Pottery…i wish i had bought her too.

see DNA without a microscope

this plant, name unknown to me, was incredible. i would love to learn the name. the purple berries out numbered the population of Birmingham. It stood between large bins of Koi for sale @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery.

meet Godzilla

he lives @ Myer’s Plant and Pottery in Pelham, Alabama

art just sitting on the shelf

@ Myer’s Plant and Pottery in Pelham, Alabama. Go, its like the botanical gardens, an aquarium, museum all in one & you can find treasures EVERYWHERE.

koi that act like puppies @ Myer’s Plants and Pottery

Myer’s Plants & Pottery have two koi ponds. you can sit on the stones that surround the ponds. as soon as either one of us came up to the pond, they came right up to us. looking for food, but they would give us a taste too. no teeth, it doesn’t hurt, it is just…


Barber Motorcycle Museum. Leed, Alabama

stepping inside a Church

stepping inside a church, for the first time in a long time. Being Jewish, I tend to stick to a familiar ground unless I am invited elsewhere. I was here for an incredible reason. My Rabbi called me to ask if I would take on a commission. He explained that this commission, this watercolor painting,…

the last Antebellum Mansion in Birmingham, Alabama

The Arlington House has a very cool history. The house is decorated for Christmas this month. Obvious to Southerners, the home is in the South because is has dried cotton turned into Christmas decorations, its the wife & children’s nursery. The wife’s room has dried Okra hanging in her two bedroom windows. There is a…