a string of broken hearts

oh, we all have them. We all have our first love & we have all had our hearts broken. When we fall in love, it feels like our hearts have grown larger. Some of us have loved only once, others have loved many times. To love…is to trust. Some of us have given our hearts away, only to have them handed back to us, completely shattered. When we suffer a broken heart, it can be all consuming pain. a pain so large & black, it feels like it will swallow us whole. Some of us think they will never heal from losing love. Over time we do heal, but we are never the same & sometimes never whole. DSC_4978DSC_4982DSC_4985

The last man i loved completely, shattered me into a thousand pieces. i was betrayed & abused. i’m still putting myself back together.  I know i will never be the same. i may not ever love a man so completely..but someday i hope to be able to find a man i trust enough to do so.

My mother is an artist, she works with glass (and paper & photography & graphic design & colored pencil abstracts & yarn) My mother is amazing & very inspiring. I hope to one day, create on the level she does. She handed me a glass bowl (that she made) full of hearts (that she made) I love these photographs, the reflections & the colors. I was trying to think of what to write when i posted these photographs. I realized how lifelike they are, metaphorically speaking…not their shape, but what they represent. These hearts are not made from one piece of glass, they are made from many different kinds, all fused together, to make a whole. Just like the human heart.

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  1. Linda Corliss says:

    When broken hearts mend, they become stronger; never the same, but better!


    1. They do become stronger…like knitted bones, stronger at the break. Although if not fused back correctly, can cause continued pain. Mine is getting better, especially since my neck surgery! ~amy


  2. photosociology says:

    Very well written. We all create and present in our own way. Photography and the written word are just as important as glass, ceramic, sculpture, paint, dance, music. Your creative skills as a photographer and author mean that I can consider your mum’s creativity and explore what love means to me.


    1. WOW. I’m not very articulate when i try respond to compliments like this one. You really made my day. Thank you so much! ~amy

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