nature’s calligraphy

21 thoughts on “nature’s calligraphy

  1. Beautifying creepers. Their competition to climb up to get enough sunlight seems the survival tests given by nature are equal without parting as small or large, the nature selects the best version without looking whether it’s tiny or a giant… Survival of the fittest glows visible here.


    1. my favorite thing to do when i get near old thick vines, that appear wooden with age? I cut them from top to bottom at the curliest & slowly unwrap them from what they’ve been clinging to. I have curly sticks in my balcony garden. they are so cool. I will post them soon to show you. Thank you so much for the compliment, Loisajay! ~amy

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    1. Hi Annie, a friend gave me a necklace, it is hammered silver that says in Hebrew, “Great art picks up where nature ends” ~Marc Chagall. i am seldom seen without it on. thank you so much for this compliment, as it sounds like the quote i love. ~amy


    1. Thank you, Morgan. I love, love curls on a vine, no matter their age. I have a balcony that overlooks a parking lot. i hate that, because i’d rather be outside than in. So i bought evergreen & Pernnial vines to block out my view. having a balcony is like having a trellis! ~amy

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